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About PoWer Map and Angiel Media

Power Map ® is a mobile CRM solution edited by the French company Angiel ® Media.

Power Map ® is a mobile CRM solution edited by the French company Angiel ® Media. Angiel ® Media was created on January 2012 to deliver innovative solutions dedicated to Enterprises. Angiel ® Media Partners have different professional experiences in Financials, Sales and IT. We are developing different kind of solutions (SAAS, Mobile Applications, Web Sites, etc.)

Angiel ® Media also delivers consulting services for Founders through its Angiel ® Consulting activity (http://www.angiel-conseil.fr) and its network of coachs and consultants.

To develop its PoWer Map solutions, Angiel Media is creating partnerships with other CRM vendors.

Our history

Once upon a time
“For several years, I've been a bid manager for a company which was specialized in IT services. I worked on many proposals and I realized that it's possible to win or fail a sale because you did not analyze correctly relationships between stakeholders, between my clients stakeholders and my competitors, or between stakeholders and my own company.
My management talked me about Power Maps to help in sales effort and to prepare or analyze each context. But I did not find any pragmatic solutions. Finally, I used Power Point but I spent a lot of time and it was not integrated with other tools.”

No solution easy-to-use
“When I changed my job, I realized that some young sales manager do not have any skills to create power maps with Power Point. Their top management was asking them who are the most influencing people within their customers organizations, and they were not able to answer because they did not have any framework to analyze relationships between people and levels of decision. Then, I started to think that there is something to develop to do the job.”

Legal Mentions
This web site and mobile applications are edited by Angiel ® Media Copyright © Angiel ® Media 2013 French commercial company, SARL with a capital of 8 000 €uros RCS Créteil B 539 015 826


  • Download Power Map Mobile Application for iPad
  • Download Power Map Mobile Application for iPhone
  • Download Power Map Application for Mac OS
  • Download Power Map Mobile Application for iPhone
  • Download Power Map Application for Mac OS


When I started to use Power Map ®, I did not know exactly what kind of services the app will offer. Now, I’d say that I never saw such an application and I do not know how I could work without it. Cheers.

Simone J.

I heard about Power Maps but I never found any tool designed to make them possible. When I was recently looking for a tool again, I was very excited to find this new solution. I installed it, and I was very satisfied ! More than a tool to design PoWer map, i can also manage my meeting minutes.
Thank a lot for this innovation.

John D.

I am a CIO in a medium company. I was looking for an innovative solution to improve the efficiency of our salesforce. Our CEO was asking them to create meeting minutes of their rendez-vous without any results. Then I suggested to deploy Power Map: now, the CEO gets their reports every weeks by emails.
Kind regards.

Mickael J.

I indeed found a solution built to help me to save the most important information about my clients. I’m now waiting for the next version with impatience. I’ve made many suggestions to improve again the application.
Thank you very much for such an innovative tool. Please continue this development.

Rebecca M.