Manager Relationships

How Power Map innovate for you ?!

poWer map is an innovation of the French Company Angiel Media.

Based on observations and best sales practices, this solution was imagined as a specific tool dedicated to sales managers and directors to manager their spheres of influence : because sales are not only a matter of prices or products, poWer map is a tool to collect precious information, to share this information with other sales manager to analyze your clients and your competitors.

Innovative features

poWer map ® allows you to manage hierachical levels of decision
With poWer map, you can create levels of decision within your client organization to analyze your own level of interaction with people who have lot of influence within the organization. Drawing your client organization, you can analyze interactions and identify actions and lobbying plans if you need to modify your influence on your client organization.

poWer map ® is more than a CRM solution
Power Map is a tool that will be soon integrated with your usual CRM solution. We made poWer map to be complementary: you will find in poWer map features that you will never find in other CRM solutions. This tool gives you more than you ever expect: you may store in poWer Map the more sensitive information you can use to increase your sales performance: you can profile your clients, you can analyze the organization of your clients, and how you interact with it, etc. In next versions, your application may be plugged with your packaged CRM solution.

How Power Map ® innovate ?
poWer map innovation process is based on users themselves. If you want a new feature, you can send us your needs, and, if this feature does not already exist in others CRM tools (or does :-) ), we will implement it as soon as possible to give you satisfaction. Please use the contact form on the website to improve our solution.


  • Download Power Map Mobile Application for iPad
  • Download Power Map Mobile Application for iPhone
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  • Download Power Map Mobile Application for iPhone
  • Download Power Map Application for Mac OS