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About Power Map and Angiel Media

poWer map ® is helping you to manage relationships with your customer

Our mission is to help sales forces to manage their relationships with their customers. We assume that the only way to manage these relationships is to represent them in a simply and comprehensive way.

With poWer map ® , we want to create a new generation of CRM tool based on Visual Management, built to make business, and not just to track each meeting you can have with your clients. Power Map wants to help you to track all commercial information that you can analyse or catch during a client meeting.

poWer map ® mission is to help you to win time : we know that sales managers are often travelling and/or driving. So we made poWer map to be an application that may be used in such situations.

poWer map ® is also made to help you to report sales information in an innovative way to your boss or your sales director. Impress them, surprise them sending them your first poWer map ! .

Why poWer map ?

Catch precious opportunities and sales information
poWer map ® permits you to catch important opportunities and sales information: because some details are very important, poWer map is built to create reminders based on details.

Win time, win money
poWer map ® is built with functionalities to edit and print meeting minutes. On iPad and iPhone, you can use Siri to allow you to edit notes with vocal instructions while you are travelling or driving.

New generation reports
With poWer map ®, the ambition is to easily report commercial information for operational, tactic and/or strategic decision. These reports are made to facilitate the definition of action plans.

Download iPad version of poWer map


  • Download Power Map Mobile Application for iPad
  • Download Power Map Mobile Application for iPhone
  • Download Power Map Application for Mac OS
  • Download Power Map Mobile Application for iPhone
  • Download Power Map Application for Mac OS