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About PoWer Map and Angiel Media

Power Map ® is a mobile CRM solution edited by the French company Angiel ® Media.

Many people can have influence over your sales.

Some influencers are obvious and easy to spot. .

Others are less obvious, but are not less significant. .

If you fail to recognize and "manage" these influencers, you'll most-likely experience unexpected resistance to your sales efforts, and sometimes bewildering failure. .

This is increasingly the case as you hunts huge sales, and as the number of people affected by your sale, your product or your service increases. .

People within your client organization have all sorts of interests and motivations that you can't control. Here, knowing who influences who can be critical if you want to get anything done at all. .

So do you understand who has influence over your sales ? Do you know the nature, direction, and strength of these influences? After all, using the normal "chain of command" may not always be the best way to advance your objectives: Knowing who the real influencers are can help you determine where you should put your effort if you really want to succeed. .

This is what influence mapping is all about – discovering your offer's true stakeholders (not just the obvious ones) and the influence relationships between them. This helps you target the key influencers so that you can win the resources and support you need to win your sales. .

Influence maps are a natural extension of Stakeholder Analysis . Your sales's success can depend on identifying its key stakeholders and then managing the various relationships between them. Stakeholders have the power to help or hurt your initiatives, so stakeholder management is an important aspect of sales management. .

The Elements of an Influence Map

An influence map is a visual model showing the people who influence and make decisions about your sale. The map helps you understand how stakeholders relate to one-another, so that you can quickly see the way in which influence decisions. .

Remember that even the most powerful people rarely act alone. Top executives and other people in authority rely on advisers. Find out who the advisers are, and understand how they operate. This can be vital to your project's success.

There are three main considerations when you construct an influence map:

1. The importance or weight of a stakeholder's overall influence (represented by the size of the circle representing that stakeholder).

2. The relationships between stakeholders (represented by the presence of lines or arrows between them).

3. The amount of influence stakeholders have over others (represented by the heaviness of the lines drawn between them).

Your completed influence map shows the stakeholders with the most influence as individuals with the largest circles. Lines (arrows) drawn to other stakeholders indicate the presence and strength of influence.

Key points

Influence maps are important visual models of the key people and relationships that impact a project or decision. (Don't make the mistake of thinking that hierarchy or traditional lines of authority are always the routes by which decisions are made.)

Take the time to uncover the underlying relationships and influence that key stakeholders have. With this insight, you can tap into the real sources of power and persuasion.

While this is something that people do intuitively in small sales, it's something that you'll need to do actively for larger sales.

With poWer map application, you can create organization charts, you can define levels of decision and make appears stakeholders, you can complete the levels of decision, with a capacity of influence.


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When I started to use Power Map ®, I did not know exactly what kind of services the app will offer. Now, I’d say that I never saw such an application and I do not know how I could work without it. Cheers.

Simone J.

I heard about Power Maps but I never found any tool designed to make them possible. When I was recently looking for a tool again, I was very excited to find this new solution. I installed it, and I was very satisfied ! More than a tool to design PoWer map, i can also manage my meeting minutes.
Thank a lot for this innovation.

John D.

I am a CIO in a medium company. I was looking for an innovative solution to improve the efficiency of our salesforce. Our CEO was asking them to create meeting minutes of their rendez-vous without any results. Then I suggested to deploy Power Map: now, the CEO gets their reports every weeks by emails.
Kind regards.

Mickael J.

I indeed found a solution built to help me to save the most important information about my clients. I’m now waiting for the next version with impatience. I’ve made many suggestions to improve again the application.
Thank you very much for such an innovative tool. Please continue this development.

Rebecca M.