About poWer Maps

poWer Map dashboard

Power Map ® is a mobile CRM solution edited by the French company Angiel ® Media. If you sell to multi-national and very large corporations, you may know how difficult to find and contact the decision makers in various departments or subsidiaries.

Power Maps help you to reveal the competitive dynamics of your industry prospects with insight into how those dynamics influences their purchasing decisions.

You may learn why a decision maker in one department may be “on board” with your product or service while another in a different department may not. And, due to your systematic approach supported by our tool, you’ll realize sales increase and ROI because more sales opportunities and contacts are uncovered across a greater portion of large potential customers.

The bottom line? Your sales team will spend more time selling to qualified leads as you eliminate the time spent on intensive tasks associated with defining selling strategies and digging into large accounts :
• Research into all areas of targeted companies, including subsidiaries, divisions
• Identification of all key contacts and/or decision makers
• Qualification of all contacts in order to understand unique interests, needs, and preferences
• Comprehensive, in-depth company Profile

A Power Map dashboard helps you to analyze how the organization of your clients influences your chances of win :
• Most and least influential or powerful people or part of an organization
• Who strongly opposes or supports your own objective or position

This helps you to build sales action plans to change positions of the organization about you, your company, your products.
poWer map software helps you to create such kind of vision or dashboard of your clients organization.

How poWer map uses Power Maps ?

poWer map mobile application generates Power Maps dashboards which are based on a specific algorithm using the data you collect about your client : levels of decision in the organization, level of influence, social styles, ...


  • Download Power Map Mobile Application for iPad
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  • Download Power Map Mobile Application for iPhone
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When I started to use Power Map ®, I did not know exactly what kind of services the app will offer. Now, I’d say that I never saw such an application and I do not know how I could work without it. Cheers.

Simone J.

I heard about Power Maps but I never found any tool designed to make them possible. When I was recently looking for a tool again, I was very excited to find this new solution. I installed it, and I was very satisfied ! More than a tool to design PoWer map, i can also manage my meeting minutes.
Thank a lot for this innovation.

John D.

I am a CIO in a medium company. I was looking for an innovative solution to improve the efficiency of our salesforce. Our CEO was asking them to create meeting minutes of their rendez-vous without any results. Then I suggested to deploy Power Map: now, the CEO gets their reports every weeks by emails.
Kind regards.

Mickael J.

I indeed found a solution built to help me to save the most important information about my clients. I’m now waiting for the next version with impatience. I’ve made many suggestions to improve again the application.
Thank you very much for such an innovative tool. Please continue this development.

Rebecca M.