About Success Insights

About PoWer Map and Angiel Media

Power Map ® is a mobile CRM solution edited by the French company Angiel ® Media.

Success Insights is a behavioral model based on the work of psychologists Jung and Marston. This model distinguishes four profiles or temperaments symbolized by colors and characterizes how each acts. By mastering this model, you will be able to better anticipate the needs of your audience. To be persuasive in negotiations, you must indeed be able to analyze and predict the behavior of your client.

The poWer Map application connects social interface styles to colors to make reading your dashboards easier.

Below is an example of a Power map where different colors are associated with profiles.

To understand, you will find some explanations of the colors representing each profile.

Understand colors

Red wants concrete and meaningful results

Ambitious, demanding and guided by the result, the individual "red" is not an easy client. At the first meeting, his handshake is firm, his gaze supported. Adopt a similar gesture, but without giving the impression that you challenge, because red is a dominant and wishes to stay. The difficulty with it is to keep control of the exchange. He only listens selectively and says more than he asks. To get their attention, you have to be specific and show him what he will get return on investment by choosing your offer: he wants performance, profitability, increased productivity ...

Develop a selective argument without multiplying details. Quickly go on the description of your company and your products. During the interview, test your reactivity, because it wants to deal with decision-makers. If a business makes the mistake of coming up with the sales manager, he immediately excluded from the exchange found.

In general, the red one and decide quickly. To be sure that slice in your favor, offer alternatives. This will prevent a "no" in response to biting your unique proposition. Other tactics suggest they let you test drive one to put you to the test. This should flatter her taste for challenge.

The yellow looks for innovative solutions

Outgoing, spontaneous ¬ friendly, even enthusiastic , the " yellow " will welcome you with a warm handshake and a wraparound look. With easy first , it has a major flaw , which can turn your interview endless chatter : he often mixes professional and private spheres , punctuating his speech many digressions . The challenge will be to recompose the offense.

At first , do not go too fast in the heart of the matter . Let him express his opinions and create affinities bouncing on his interests. Then be sure to redirect the interview to suit your goals. Imaginative and creative , yellow appreciate that you offered him the original products . However, if you do not formalize throws a casual glance at the quotes you prepared it . What matters is the relationship -building with you . So treat this first contact , show you available. The same way as red , it is unnecessary to list the specifications of your products. It 's not interested . Also, do not be too litigious . It should , however, facilitate matters . And decision. As the red again, the yellow is able to decide at the end of one interview , because it works on instinct . Thereafter, you signed or not , visit her courtesy , call occasionally . These little touches will play in your favor.

Green checks whether it can provide confidence

"Green " is the most difficult to identify and con ¬ ¬ cre vain personality. Sober, introverted and methodical, it has the advantage of being faithful and reliable. This also means that the push to switch providers will not be easy . With it, you can show or chatty or familiar. Unlike the yellow, he listens more than he speaks . It takes a while to get to the bottom of things, want details on the process of your business , your product approach , which differentiates you from your competitors ... Have him meet a customer . The challenge will be to convince them that your business is in line with its values and therefore this choice is consistent .

Do not play the card of originality, this could destabilize it. In fact, he does not like change or taking risks . Prepare yourself for the long and detailed negotiations . Green needs to feel confident. He seeks a partner than a supplier . To convince him , check regularly on the exchange , you still have membership (it does not spontaneously express his disagreement ) . It is rare that the first interview was concluded by a contract.

Blue requires a lot of precision and accuracy

Analytical , formal and precise, "blue" is a model of rigeur . To seduce him , send him before the interview , an e -mail listing the items to be addressed . His handshake will seem a little cold at first and very expressive face. When you present your company and its products, maintain orderly and factual ( market positioning , sales , rate of customer returns ) . Take into account their expectations and answer them in a structured way , treating one after the other . Like green, blue reluctant to take risks. It is after the maximum of information collected and analyzed all the arguments. The difficulty is that it raises a lot of very pointed questions , which it expects specific answers. So you will know perfectly your case and be able to prove everything you progress . As it is very likely that it does not make a decision at the end of the first interview , send him an account of the exchange.


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When I started to use Power Map ®, I did not know exactly what kind of services the app will offer. Now, I’d say that I never saw such an application and I do not know how I could work without it. Cheers.

Simone J.

I heard about Power Maps but I never found any tool designed to make them possible. When I was recently looking for a tool again, I was very excited to find this new solution. I installed it, and I was very satisfied ! More than a tool to design PoWer map, i can also manage my meeting minutes.
Thank a lot for this innovation.

John D.

I am a CIO in a medium company. I was looking for an innovative solution to improve the efficiency of our salesforce. Our CEO was asking them to create meeting minutes of their rendez-vous without any results. Then I suggested to deploy Power Map: now, the CEO gets their reports every weeks by emails.
Kind regards.

Mickael J.

I indeed found a solution built to help me to save the most important information about my clients. I’m now waiting for the next version with impatience. I’ve made many suggestions to improve again the application.
Thank you very much for such an innovative tool. Please continue this development.

Rebecca M.