Apple Version is the first version of Power Map application. This version is running on mobile and desktop devices. These versions will be available in 2013.



Microsoft Version is running on Window Phone devices. This version is not yet available.



Android version is running on Android devices. This version is not yet available.



Blackberry versionis running on Android devices. This version is not yet available.


our mission

Easy to Use CRM solution
Power Map ® is easy to use and thought for CRM.

Power Map has been thought to be a very easy to use tool for minutes and to save very rich commercial information. Plugged to CRM solutions and social networks, it is a powerful tool for employees who are engaged in sales and bid management. Different versions exist to help different sizes companies to succeed in their business. Appliances are numerous in different contexts and business environments.


innovative ways

Visual management to represent relationship between people
Our innovation is in visual management.

With Power Map, it is very to use to draw hierarchical organizations and to represent relationships between people within each organization. With understandable symbols, the user is able to represent tiny, small, medium and very large organization in a step by step discovery process of its customer.


our solution

As simple as a smiley
As simple as a smiley.

After a Rendez-Vous, you generally have a good or a bad feeling and you are able to say if your audience was satisfied or not, if your client is ready to give you business or not. Each Rendez-Vous is an opportunity to create a relationship that can be positive, negative or neutral. With Power Map, a commercial can easily formalize the relationship he feels after a Rendez-Vous.


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on line support

Before downloading the poWer map Mobile Application, you can create a unique user account on the web site. This login will be used to connect the poWer map mobile application to this web site. If you have any questions about our solution, please send an email to, we will answer you as soon as possible.